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The Lost Chambers, Dubai

Iam sure the mention of the city ‘Dubai‘ would have given you a visual landscape of The Lost Chambers being a steely skyscraper and maybe one of the many architectural wonders of this exuberant city.
Well, I thought the same, till i got these lovely 45 minutes to get lost in the marvelous Lost Chambers. 
Atlantis‘ is a lost city which has its earliest mentions by Greek philosopher ‘Plato‘ in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias around 360 BC. Its described as a highly advanced and spectacular land. However today we cannot trace where this city got lost, but its believed to have disappeared into the Ocean owing either a massive earthquake or a gigantic underwater volcanic eruption.
To discover this lost civilization, the Lost Chambers at Atlantis Palm Hotel is a magnificent underwater realm of Chambers, with amazing rare artifacts, marine life, and a whooping 65000 marine inhabitants. 
What amazed me most was the beautiful lighting in each chamber, the carefully chosen placement of the artifacts in the marine habitat, the sheer glass which many times looked like an illusion to the onlookers, the sit-outs at each chamber typically Arabic style for the visitors to sit, relax and be in rhythm with our marine friends.
Few pics which i have clicked at Lost Chambers. All are thru the glass and i dont have a powerful camera yet, so they look little grainy and stretched. However i couldn’t resist sharing them and insist all my fellow travelers to reserve 30min to an hour visit to discover the mystery of The Lost Chambers when in Dubai.

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